About Us

  • Gobooc:

Gobooc.COM is one of the digital projects of DFS Commercial Services, registered in Riyadh under commercial no. 1010324053. Gobooc cares about facilitating the local and international traveler service and enabling them to make hotels reservations by the easiest and most convenient ways through high-quality options of advanced software, and through multiple hotel options at competitive prices on the market, ensuring best offers in terms of services' quality and accommodations.

  • A world between your hands:

With Gobooc, we move to the future through the present. All the hotels in the world are here to choose from. Select your initial vision and start putting it in the search box. This will show you in the blink of an eye what suits you. All this is within the company's general policy that makes the interest of the customer and traffic to the highest quality at the best prices; this policy is the basis on which the search results are based.

  • Our Goal:

We aim, through Gobooc, to be the first Digital Tourism Project in Arab World and one of the top 10 ranks in the world through the next 10 years. We depend, on this goal, on a great balance of experience and a deep understanding of the future, accuracy, professionalism and determination.

  • Capabilities:

Gobooc Platform has a huge database linked to more than 859,000 hotels around the world, ensuring its customers receive bookings in any country around the world. Gobooc Platform also provides full picture documentation for these hotels from inside and outside with more than 14 million images; Provides our customers with accurate and immediate knowledge of all aspects of these hotels and thus easily access to the specifications they hope.

  • Lowest price available at Gobooc:

Gobooc links with such a large number of hotels around the world make Gobooc options unbeatable. The competition particularly between hotels of different levels in the search engine is strongly present for Gobooc. Which leads to the offers and the lowest price using a technical service (lowest price after confirmation), which includes the lowest price of accommodation that makes you in no need of the browsing other search sites and the use of search engines and comparison which waste time with minimal benefit.

  • Gobooc techniques are raising:

Gobooc does not stop when achieving a point of success, but always looking forward through developing its tools and adding the latest technology around the world to its website which makes travel just a routine and inexpensive act.

  • Gobooc options:

We aim to bring the best hotels around the world to Gobooc platform. We have also set plans to combine guest houses and family homes into its databases, providing our customers with all the appropriate options, both in accordance with their budget and choice.

  • Independence:

Gobooc Platform programming is based on its own technology and is not copied from partners and other partners. We have an innovative team that is always working on developing the platform and running it to be a unique model, not only in terms of form, but also in the sorting, filtering and room options at the hotel.

  • Contact us:

DFS, the owner if Gobooc Platform, is a Saudi-based company headquartered in Riyadh. Its technical and administrative offices are located in more than one country around the world (Philippines-Ukraine-Egypt). The company is established to be a world-wide company that surpasses the horizons. In this regard, it aims to benefit humanity and utilize digital tools to make people's lives better by offering innovative solutions to all obstacles facing humanity.

Office B10, Al-Nimr Al-Nakheel Center, Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz Bin Mohamed, Al-Nakheel District, Riyadh, KSA

T: +966114499356

Email -[email protected].