Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Gobooc (www.gobooc.com) is a specialized hotel reservation website owned by DFS Commercial Services Company, headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The role of the website is limited to providing online booking services only, and therefore we do not interfere with the services provided and do not guarantee any quality. You choose the hotel to be booked at your own responsibility according to the declared ratings and the number of each hotel's stars

You can login to www.gobooc.com either by signing up a new account on the website and then logging in using your email and password, or signing in using your Google + account. You will be redirected to Google's login page and then you can write your email and password, and then click sign in.

You can create an account on the website by entering the home page and clicking on "Guest" icon and clicking on "Sign in" icon, then clicking on "Registration" icon and completing the registration form that requires this data (e-mail, first name, nickname, password), Then clicking "Registration" icon to complete the registration process and create your account on the website.

Through your account on the website or logging in to your website through your Google account, you can easily manage your reservations through the website.

The account at gobooc.com is free of charge, so it does not cost you to create an account at the website any additional charges.

Gobooc.com covers more than 858,000 hotels around the world that may have chains around the world or are independent, hotel apartments or private apartments should be shown when available rooms are available for reservation by search data (city - check-in and checkout date).

Gobooc.com supports the search process for hotels, so you can access the main page of the website and enter the desired destination in the search box and then "check in" and then "check out" and then register the number of rooms required and the number of adults and the number and ages of children - if any - and then click on the "Search" icon, the available results will be shown.

Yes, you can search the name of the hotel on the website by entering the name of the hotel you are looking for in the search box or by the search results page on the city hotels page.

Gobooc.com is equipped with a filtering icon and classification of search results by choosing the number of hotel stars, the level of its ratings, the requested price, the distance between the hotel and the city center and the type of hotel you can filter the search results.

Yes, with the search options for your destination you can specify the prices of the hotels you are looking for by setting the minimum and maximum price of the hotel through the search results page of the hotels you want to stay.

With gobooc.com, you can select from the search options for your destination the hotel stars' rating you are looking for. They appear in 5 icons, ranging from one star to five stars. When clicked, the icon will turn yellow.

With the search options for your destination on the website, you can determine the percentage of the hotels you are looking for and have 5 icons (0+, 6+, 7+, 8+, 9+). With the same rating.

Gobooc.com supports the classification of shown hotels using (stars, ratings, name, distance, price). These options enable you to click on them each time from the ascending or descending list of hotels.

Indeed, the website provides accurate mapping system. When searching for your destination and a list of hotels you are looking for, you can click on "Map View" to locate each hotel on the map or when you enter the hotel page you will find on the left of the map the location of the hotel.

gobooc.com supports the technique of calculating the distance between the hotel and the city center, showing you this distance on the page of each hotel in the list of hotels you searched for, and you can search through the search options to control this distance and thus appear hotels that are far from the city center by the distance you have selected only.

Indeed, gobooc.com offers up to 25.453 million images of the hotels you are looking for, including the exterior of the hotel and images of some rooms and other parts of the hotel with an average of 27 photos per hotel.

After entering the hotel page, you will find a special part of the hotel's amenities including (outdoor, pets, activities, food and drink, internet, car park, general, spoken languages).

You can search your reservation by clicking on the "Guest" icon at the top of the website page, then clicking on "Search Reservation" and then filling in the "Booking Reference" box and the "Email" box and clicking on the "Search" icon will show you all the details of your booking.

After you've set your search options, you'll see a list of hotels available, and to the right of the page; you'll find the price of each hotel for the period and number of rooms you've selected in your search options.

The prices of the room to be booked will be shown and discount, offer or something like that, indicating a discount on the basic price. search options.

Gobooc.com supports the total price of the reservation, which includes all taxes and other charges imposed from the place of residence or from the country or city to which you wish to reside, except for certain fees that will be incurred in the hotel such as Dubai tourism tax and city tax in some cities It cannot be counted because of the continuous change.

Confirmation and booking voucher sent to the website as evidence and proof of payment.

After confirmation of the booking process, you will receive a confirmation email on your email or mobile phone that you have provided to us in the contact information. Confirmation and booking voucher sent to the website is an evidence and proof of payment.

After confirmation of the booking process, you will receive a confirmation email on your email or mobile phone that you have provided to us in the contact information. Confirmation and booking voucher sent to the website is an evidence and proof of payment.

After accessing the hotel page, you can click on the "Cancellation Policy View" link for each room to see the cancellation policy available by the hotel, which varies as per hotel from room to room.

This is followed by the cancellation policy of each hotel. If this policy is allows the cancellation, you can cancel the reservation or modify it in accordance with the provisions of this policy.

You can book the hotel through Gobooc.com by accessing the hotel's page and view the available rooms and rates, then click on the word "book" in the room box you want to book. You will be referred to the reservation page and you will find "Reservation Details" including (available rooms, room number, stay, number of visitors, attendance registration, check out, cancellation policy, booking costs including taxes). In the event of your final acceptance, you should fill in the contact information which includes (address, full name, nickname, e-mail address, country/region, mobile number), then click "Resume" to proceed with the booking process or click "Back" to return again and not to complete the booking. You will then be redirected to the payment page through which you can either enter the discount coupon code you carry or pay by your credit card and then press "Resume". You will be redirected to your booking confirmation page, so your booking has been made through gobooc.com. You will receive a booking voucher via email.

Yes you can book without a credit card if you have a discount coupon code.

There are several possibilities, your credit card may be out of date, your credit card is not accepted, you may have reached the credit limit or a computer system error has occurred.

You can contact Gobooc Customer Service and confirm the booking process and any additional information about your confirmed booking you would like to inquire.

You can contact us if you have any problem with the booking process through the available contacts through the home page of the website, and the management of the website will solve your booking problem.

If you encounter any problem while staying in the hotel, you should go to the hotel management. If the problem is not resolved by mutual consent, you must take the necessary procedures without reference to us

Gobooc.com uses a secure payment process for booking and you'll be directed to the bank's website using the highest levels of technology and security. We do not store any of your credit card data.